What are the Benefits of Learning Another Language?

It’s tough being a LOTE teacher in Australia and you only have to look a world map to understand why. We’re literally ‘girt by sea’ and English is our official language. There doesn’t seem to be a huge incentive to learn the languages of other countries, and we’ve done very little (if anything) to promote the learning of Indigenous languages. So it’s not uncommon for LOTE teachers to hear the lament that is our title today.

I could go on, but let’s get positive. Because there are many good reasons for children in Australian schools to be learning a language.

How You Can Use Media More Effectively in Your Classroom

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a home educator, or a parent, you probably already know how powerful movies and TV programs can be in the classroom. You’re probably also aware that the misuse of media can lessen it’s effectiveness. If you’ve ever seen a class of students wander out of a double period glassy-eyed or had your child say they shouldn’t have to go to school because they’re ‘…just watching movies’ then you know what we’re talking about. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and certainly not in your classroom!

How to Talk About Difficult Current Events with Children

There’s no doubt that we’re living in interesting times. If you’re feeling challenged, confronted, confused, then you’re not the only one. And if, as adults, we’re feeling unsettled then our children and students are feeling it even more so. The challenge is, how to do we talk to our kids about things that we’re not sure about ourselves? Here are the five strategies that I believe are most useful for navigating this tricky ground.

Multiplication Pizza

Everyone loves pizza! It’s cheesy, it’s savoury, it’s delicious and it can help your kids practise their times tables. Well, this pizza can!

Simply download the PDF and print out the pizza slices you’re focusing on with their related toppings. Students cut out their toppings and glue them onto the correct answer.

Please feel free to use in your classroom or home, and share with your colleagues but remember that all copyright remains with Platypi Learning.

Cut and Fold Bugs

These cute cut and fold bugs have a variety of uses, from a simple craft activity to more involved learning tasks. One idea is to make the bugs (or have students make the bugs) and stick different weights to the underside. Have students weigh the bugs and compare and alter the weights.