Nigerian School Kidnappings

As a parent, I can only imagine the pain and fear of hearing that your child and their classmates have been kidnapped from their school. As an educator, I can only imagine the uncertainly and fear associated with knowing that you, your colleagues, and students can’t ever feel truly safe. That this is a recurring problem only deepens the tragedy.

So often it is only an accident of birth – that we are born in certain countries, or into certain families – that determines whether we have to live a life of fear, or a life of safety. So often, despite our best efforts, life spins out of our control.

My heart goes out to those families in Kaduna, and so many other Nigerian families who have been in this position over the past six months, who are grappling with the unthinkable. I hope you join me in holding these families in your hearts, and wishing a speedy and happy outcome for them.

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