Ooo, controversial.

It can depend, can’t it? You might feel appreciated by your partner, but not your boss. Your kids, but not at dinner time (when you’ve slaved over providing them with yet another healthy and delicious meal, that you’ve also planned, bought groceries for and dished up, only for them to take one look at it and say their full. Not that I’m bitter). Your co-worker, but not your friend.

And sometimes, it’s because what you want to be appreciated for isn’t something that’s actually important to the person you want to be appreciated by. My desire for my children to appreciate me for filling their plate with broccoli and zucchini is probably unrealistic.

This May 4th (also my birthday) and 5th Teachers Pay Teachers is having an appreciation sale. By using the code THANKYOU21 at the checkout you can get up to 25% off your purchase. Of course, if you’re a Star Wars fan, these dates will be easy to remember.

The sale is sitewide and, because I appreciate the hard work passionate teachers do and want you to get the most out of the sale, and because I’ve been very fortunate to receive the benefit of others experience when starting my TpT journey, I want to point you in the direction of some other teacher-authors who’s help and advice I truly appreciate.

All of these teacher-authors have been so generous giving me tips, advise, and guidance as I’ve begun my journey. I’m sure you’ll find something amazing at each of their stores.

Let’s keep the love going. Tell me who you appreciate in the comments!

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