I had never heard of the Learning Pit until my eldest son started primary school, but I like it. As teachers, educators, and parents we both see the children in our lives enter the learning Pit (or refuse to enter) and come out the other side, and we experience the learning Pit ourselves.

I’m in the learning pit myself at the moment. A few of the resources that I sold on Teachers Pay Teachers in breach of their inappropriate content policy, and I’ve had to be open to learning about what it means to teach traumatic history, how to be sensitive to the ethnic and cultural backgrounds on students in the classroom, how my own privileges and biases (which we all have) have made it difficult for me to see where I have been inequitable, or insensitive.

I’ve also had to consider where I see the line between teaching in a way that creates a safe learning space for all students, and teaching in away that looks good from the outside but actually compromises student learning.

I’m still in the pit, but I’m working my way through. Hopefully I’ll come out the other side with greater clarity, and more to offer teachers, and their students, as well as my own little people.

When have you found yourself in the Learning Pit? How did things work out?

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