I’m a big fan of digital resources in the classroom. Why? Because they can make teachers’ jobs easier. And with students, particularly in high-school, bringing their own devices to school, gone are the days of having to book a computer lab, only to find Dave snuck in with his class because you weren’t there within five minutes of the period staring (c’mon Dave, you used to be cool). And of course, right now any resource you can adapt to ‘home learning’ is a teacher’s dream.

Why go digital?

Digital resources naturally play to students’ comfort with the digital world. It’s not that older adults can’t be confident with technology, but many of today’s kids have had a screen in hand from the moment they gained hand-eye co-ordination.

They also allow you to give experiences that you usually wouldn’t be able to give in real life (IRL for those in the know). Virtual tour of the pyramids or the annex Anne Frank and her family hid away in? No worries. Connecting in real time with citizen scientists across the world? Yes please! Digital technology lends an immediacy and interactivity that you often can’t achieve without permission slips and thousands of dollars in airline tickets.

Can you have too much of a good thing?

All that withstanding, and even with my love of the digital, I say yes. Just as I talked about with movies in the classroom, too many digital resources can make students’ eyes glaze over. All good teaching requires a mix of approaches, including note taking, games, learning centres, hands-on tasks, worksheets and digital resources.

Used well, digital resources can make a huge difference in your classroom. If you looking for more digital resources, check out what I’ve got on offer through Platypi Learning’s TpT store.

How do you use digital resources in the classroom? Do you say ‘less is more’? Or ‘bring it on’. Let us know.

Wendy Allott

I'm an educator, mum and wife living in beautiful Victoria, Australia. I make learning resources for passionate, but time-poor, teachers in need of a better work-life balance. I'm a voracious reader, love a good curry, and believe life is always better with chocolate.

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